Preparing Irma Response

By now we are all seeing videos and photos of the massive destruction across Florida. While we will not know the amount of damage or the specific needs for days or weeks, we do know that people are suffering and in need of prayer and physical help.
We are asking you to seriously consider going to serve on one of the Disaster Relief teams being formed.  This includes:
1.    If you are a DR worker with current credentials,    Click here.
2. If you’ve been previously trained in DR, but your credentials have expired, Click here.
3. If you have never been trained in DR, but desire to go as part of a team in partnership with Send Relief, Click here.
If you are willing to go, click on the link above that applies to you. Fill out the form that the link takes you to and begin putting together the items on this What to Bring check list.
For DR workers who are trained and current, you will be on the first teams deployed and some of you will be asked to provide leadership to those who are untrained and part of Send Relief.
For DR workers who are trained but not current, you will need to complete the Online Training found here.  Be sure to use the coupon code SBCVDR so that there will be no cost.  You will be placed on teams with both DR and Send Relief volunteers.
For those who have never been trained in DR.  You also need to follow the link for online training (also be sure to use the coupon code SBCVDR).  You will be assigned to a team with SBCV DR.  You will be assigned a specific task that is related to the online training.  Since you are not fully trained and credentialed (which includes a background check), you will be assigned to a team after the first week or two (as part of our agreement with FEMA).  Also, you will not be able to operate certain equipment (like chainsaws), but will be assigned other vital tasks within the team.  You will be assigned to a team and be expected to follow the instructions and direction of the team leader.
I anticipate that we will have opportunities to respond for many weeks and even months.  If you desire to go, we will find a team for you to serve on.
Please be in prayer for:
ยท         families affected
          first responders and National Guard
          all agencies that prepare and plan
          teams and volunteers as they go 
If you desire to support SBCV DR please click here (all donations go 100% to aid those impacted by disaster)
Rather than collecting items to send, please consider gift cards.  They are easily transported, allow survivors to make purchases that best suit their needs, and return some level of dignity to those who receive them by allowing them to make the purchase.


Mark Gauthier

Director of Disaster Relief and Virginia Global Response

SBC of Virginia

4956 Dominion Blvd (Dominion Place Office Park)

Glen Allen, VA 23060


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